Life rafts inspections

The service station, approved by the Directorate-General for Merchant Shipping, or DGMS, annually inspects life rafts branded: Arimar, CRV, PLASTIMO, Safindo.

The technical staff, being required to attend periodic refresher courses, are authorised by the manufacturers to precede such inspections.

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Lifeboats inspections

Just as life rafts, it is mandatory to test annually that external conditions of lifeboats are as perfect as those of other SOLA gear: helmets, buoyant equipment, etc.; by replacing damaged, lost units; certifying such inspections.


Life jackets inspections

TRIDENTE inspects and replenishes all types of rigid or self-inflatable life jackets; the later, whose yearly inspections are advisable, requires utmost heed.

In the event of emergency, they must be fully ready for use.

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Suits inspections

Just as life jackets, it is advisable to annally inspect suits, which must be fully ready for use in the event of emergency.


EPIRBs services

The following services are performed:

  • Good condition and proper functioning inspection
  • Change of hydrostatical release unit
  • Re-programming



Facilities for aforementioned inspections are duly qualified and authorised by maritime authorities as well as manufacturers represented.